‘Sorry, Laura [Weyler], but I can’t vote for you… Frankly it should be forbidden to vote against Thomas this time’ – Pelle Pedersen; ‘Running an educational programme from the ocean when sailing at 40kt… Hurrah, Thomas!’ – Miguel Cravinho; ‘He just never gave up, outstanding’ – Patrik Buschor; ‘And he’s still a really nice guy!’ – Stjepan Marinovic; ‘Sailing solo around the world on an Ultim in less than 50 days is beyond words’ – Martin Leveneur; ‘Amazing what can be done on a diet of frozen pizza…’ – Robin Berwick.
Sailor of the Month FRANCIS JOYON (FRA)
We’ve already been instructed by French friends to make this the World Sailor of the Year Award, or indeed the Seahorse Greatest Sailor Of All Time Award. For now, this is the best we can do; but we’ll work on it. Almost certainly the finest seaman of his generation, Joyon is able to push his boats very hard without breaking them – an uncommon skill. And he somehow still does it all for relative peanuts compared with his big-ticket rivals
Sailor of the month PAUL CALLAHAN (USA)
For many years now Callahan has led the USA National Disabled Sailing Program and in 2016 the organisation had its best year ever, wracking up impressive statistics in both attendance and access. With three different venues, last year the initiative put through 1,410 disabled adults and 1,303 disabled children… and has now secured the use of no fewer than 406 different boats. Callahan’s team must have some kind of sales pitch as well…

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