‘Carolijn exceeded my expectations in Dongfeng, she was more than just a crew, a mentor, a role model, I am so happy she was in our team!’ – Bruno Dubois; ‘The best sailor and the sweetest human being I know’ – Marie Cerbelle; ‘She is the best, in Moths to Maxis’ – Stacey Jackson; ‘The most incredibly goal-focused woman in sailing’ – Esther Kruijver; ‘I am in awe of Carolijn!’ – Karyn Gojnich; ‘There’s no one quite like Carolijn!’ – Jeroen van Catz; ‘Big respect for mother Carolijn!’ – Hans Klippus; ‘Correction! Carolijn sailed every leg except the motor delivery to China!!!’ – Darren Bundock .
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Sailor of the Month KARL KWOK (HKG)
Victory at the offshore worlds in The Hague was one of numerous successes for one of the most enthusiastic yacht racers on the planet. Kwok has supported many sailors through their careers and he has also been quick to back a new designer he feels worthy of support. Many established names in the yacht racing industry owe this quiet Hong Kong businessman a great deal. And straight after winning the worlds he rushed to Palma to win IRC1 at Copa del Rey. Irrepressible
Sailor of the month LUCY MACGREGOR (GBR)
Racing in Russia with Annie Lush, Nicky Walsh and her younger sister Kate Macgregor, Lucy Macgregor won her second women’s match race world title in a row to add to her first championship win in 2009. And topping up this year’s tally was getting through to the final four at the Argo Gold Cup in Bermuda – becoming the first woman skipper ever to do so. Being knocked out in the end by open world champion Torvar Mirsky isn’t so bad…

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