‘Doing the hardest race again for all the right reasons’ – Win Fowler; ‘Cool, calm and knowledgeable about pretty much everything, these adventures of his motivate many, many others, the old as well as the young!!!’ – Tom Robinson; ‘To undertake the most challenging sailing race in the world at the age of 66, and then to take one million kids around with you… just wow!’ – Les Richter; ‘Love all of the work he does for education, plus how he is pushing himself at his age… an inspiring man’ – Charles McCaffrey.
Sailor of the Month ROB GREENHALGH (GBR)
No sooner do we start to compile a list of some of Rob’s bigger achievements, in skiffs, foilers and most of the big ocean races, than he goes and upsets our tidy sheet of paper by banging in another one, winning the Amlin Moth invitational regatta in Bermuda for the second year in a row. Closer to home and this nomination is really in recognition of the big part he has played in reviving Grand Prix racing in northern Europe with the Fast40+
Sailor of the month ANDREW MCDOUGALL (AUS)
Godfather to the foiler Moth community, designer and builder of most of the major title winners during the past 10 years, but all these achievements are shaded by his painstaking work designing, building, refining and then preparing for the production build of his Waszp… ‘the people’s foiler’. The result –boats are now being sold faster than McConaghy in China can build them. And they are already building around 20 a week…

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