September 2010

John Corson (SCO)

A widely celebrated win for this 80-year-old skipper in the Scottish Series and another notch on the IRC pole for his designer, the often underrated John Corby, whose stiff designs are not only fast but are also relatively easy to sail fast. Corson is a hugely keen supporter of Clyde racing and turns out for events from January to December. Many of the crew on his Corby 33 have also been with him for some 20 years. Nice
 Why they won
A huge response. ‘People like John keep this sport going’ – Mike Inglis; ‘There is no more deserving recipient’ – Terence Brownrigg; ‘Without people like John there would be far fewer of us out there’ – Jimmy Houston; ‘Not before time’ – Gordon Dundas; ‘One of the kindest yet most competitive sailors I know’ – Derek Paterson; ‘A marvellous man’ – Jo Lloyd; ‘This could be a lifetime achievement award’ – Mike Forster; ‘And I designed his boat!’ – John Corby.