September 2003

Brad Van Liew (USA)

OK, so enough of you bemoaned the omission of another US solo winner in last month's Around Alone .. selection that it was only fair to give you a second shot – making our first ever all-American line-up. Van Liew is by no means a fulltime professional sailor - he has a successful aviation business to manage when ashore. However, his performance with his refitted Finot 50 Tommy Hilfiger was as polished as it was possible to be. Professional in all but name
 Why they won
Enough already; Seahorse has been besieged with plaudits for the Class 2 winner of the last Around Alone. Given the tumult of support, the final count in favour of America's newest sailing hero of 79 per cent was perhaps less than expected and just demonstrates the depth of following for new Mini Transat racer, Jonathan McKee, as he does his bit to eliminate any vestiges of US-Franco relations.