November 2007

Chris Steele (NZL)

How popular would you be, back home in New Zealand, if you just became the first Kiwi ever to win the Optimist World Title… and you did it in an extraordinarily competitive 254-strong fleet? Given the current interest in future prospects of the youngest competitors in the more technical sports, we reckon this young man will soon find himself the focus of considerable attention
 Why they won
It has to be acknowledged that Alberto Roemmers must have some of the most gracious supporters anywhere in sailing – thank you all for your generous and elegant words of support. However, in the end the young man who, remarkably, is New Zealand’s first Optimist World Champion edged out Argentina’s finest by 57% to 43%. Seahorse Sailor of the Month comes to you with Harken McLube, Dubarry & Henri Lloyd. Please contact us for your prizes