November 2004

Vicente Tirado (ESP)

The 2004 Copa del Rey Agua Brava saw Caixa Galicia skipper Vicente Tirado complete an unprecedented hat-trick of wins in the 'senior' IMS 500 division. Since first hitting the front in IMS 500 with the first Caixa (ex-Innovision) in 1999 a massive commitment to new boat development and carefully planned and executed campaigning has turned in result after result. Also not to be overlooked is the success of Tirado's longterm pairing with his tactician and Seahorse contributor - Dee Smith
 Why they won
Some more well-deserved return on the investment that the Caixa Galicia skipper has been pumping into Spain's offshore circuit over the past 10 years with a succession of new and ever more successful MS designs. For 2005 Tirado is one of three skippers to have ordered the new FarrTranspac 52 that is now being series-built at Cookson. We wish him well.