May 2019


Jeez… where to start. This must be what they mean by ‘going viral’, the whole world was banging on our door to make this (deserved) nomination. A Volvo racer with SCA and a veteran of most things from skiffs to maxis, Stacey pulled together a really excellent all-woman crew for the last Hobart and then finished second overall. Big at raising awareness of ocean health and women in sport – we were not brave enough to ignore the mob…
 Why they won
‘She can outsail most guys blindfold’ – Pete Sherwood; ‘She’s a warrior!’ – Jean Wright; ‘Tough, tenacious, humble’ – Alex Nolan; ‘Stacey, ’cause she is gold!’ – Jeanine Drummond; ‘The Mob has spoken!’ – Linda Lindquist; ‘An outstanding leader, I am a fan’ – Blue Robinson; ‘For so many reasons… go Stacey!’ – Mandy McLean; ‘She smashed it, talk’s easy but Stacey gets on and does it’ – Harry Spedding; ‘You forgot to add she’s the nicest person in the Moth park’ – Nick Deussen; ‘Stacey is a star, a great sailor and a beautiful person’ – Joshua Alexander; ‘And her drive to clean up the oceans is relentless!’ – Sharyn Wright.