March 2010

Piero Romero (ITA)

Azzurra skipper Francesco Bruni was a recent nominee here so who better to take his place than the team’s aft-grinder Romero, who played such a key part in securing the Sardinian entry’s win at the Nice Louis Vuitton Trophy. When mid-bowman Pietro Mantovani went overboard at a key moment in the final against Emirates TNZ, Romero dived into the stern scoop where he grabbed Mantovani and hauled him out ‘like a wet fish!’
 Why they won
Minoprio is good, but he ain’t no Italian! ‘Piero (second right) is our hero’ – Monica Pastacaldi!; ‘Grande Piero!’ – Giuseppe Carfora; ‘Grandi, bravi!’ – Marco Lozzi; ‘And he is a legend in Tuscany!’ – Lorenzo Cipriani; ‘Piero is the best sailorman in the entire world’ – Luciana Keller; ‘Piero is a good man, a great friend, an enormous athlete and an immense sailor’ – Paolo Bracci; ‘And he uses all his spare time to teach children how to sail… for free’ – Franci Barbieri.