July 2003

Augie Diaz (USA)

Having dominated the Snipe class's extremely competitive US winter circuit, Diaz and crew Lori Lowe took the prestigious Zimmerman Trophy for the top-placed team across four major Snipe events as well as numerous individual prizes. In between racing his Snipe, Diaz found time to bang in some typically strong results on the Star class's winter circuit in Florida where he came up against many of the same top names, such as San Diego sailmaker George Szabo. Miami resident Diaz is popular, amusing - and very quick.
 Why they won
One of the closest yet, as Diaz fought it out for votes with 2001 Star world champion Freddy Loof. The final count went 56:44 in favour of Miami resident Diaz with a late surge from his adopted countrymen. 'Augie Diaz deserves more recognition in Europe, he is the definition of the perfect gentleman, on and off the water' - Christian Finnsgard; 'In the dictionary you find Augie next to the definition of a "class act''' - Jan Harley; 'Diaz is just sooo consistent' - Peter Commette. And for Loof: 'Freddy is just the best, European and World Star Champion in his first season!' - Lars Porne; 'Sweden's best, a product of training and then more training!' - Greger Nilsson.