December 2020


Fifteen-year-old Tim Long now holds the title of the youngest person to sail solo around Britain – at the same time raising over £11,000 for the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust. Click here to donate! A nice symmetry since it was Ellen’s own round Britain solo adventure when she was 18 that kick-started what turned into a half-decent long-distance sailing career. Tim sailed 1,600nm on his way to undercutting the previous youngest lap of a then 17-year-old Tom Webb in 2011
 Why they won
‘My boys can’t cook an egg, never mind navigate around a big island!!!’ – Harriet Thame; ‘Brilliant job, Tim. Now those boring exams!’ – Herbie Knott; ‘An amazing achievement for a young man of 15 on his own with no support boat’ – Dido Rawlings; ‘As the father of a daughter in chemotherapy I was so inspired to learn of Timothy’s adventure for the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust. A credit to his generation and the sailing family’ – Lewis Coombes.
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