December 2007

Geoff Holt (GBT)

‘At 04.30 in the morning it’s horrible, and I’m only a few inches above the water…’ It took the quadriplegic skipper a total of 109 days to complete his 1,400nm solo voyage around Great Britain on his 15ft trimaran, 53 of them at sea, often for 10 hours at a time – the most that Holt’s body’s thermal- management system can handle. ‘Remarkable’ doesn’t come close
 Why they won
Fifty-three days at sea in a boat like that… Sailor of the Month plus Madman of the Year was a thought shared by some of the voters, something that would doubtless bring an even bigger smile to Geoff’s face! And as for the chap who pointed out that this bravest of mariners cut through the Caledonia Canal, back in your box, Sir!