December 2004

Foerster/burnham (USA)

The ribbing has gone on long enough; the fact that the US pair finally won their long overdue gold medal in the agile 'little' 470 class in Athens with a combined age of 87 years only really confirms the extraordinary dedication of both men. Most sailors of such talent abandon the smaller and more physical dinghy classes the moment they have enough silverware to gain elevation to higher-profile arenas. These two had plenty of 'silver', but they wanted gold
 Why they won
Huge, the voting this month, but North America squeezed out 'Brasil' 61 :39%. 'Amazing at their age!' - Sandy Weil; 'the greatest' - Kalle Coster; 'persistence pays!' - Rob Wallace; 'the best' - Alvaro Marinho; 'great job, one grandfather to another!' - Aldo Savioli; 'a great example to young sailors' – Stanislav Kassarov; 'it's tough for the over-40s!' - Aiko Saito.