August 2010

Paul Brotherton & Mark Asquith (GBR)

With a combined age of more than 75 years… we reckon that even in a class that is already renowned for rewarding maturity over beauty the victory of 49er-returnee (and former gold medal-’winning’ Olympic coach to the GBR ladies) Paul Brotherton, sailing with the ‘younger’ Mark Asquith at this year’s Hyères regatta, is well worthy of this nomination. Go eat out your hearts, young GBR pups
 Why they won
‘Paul’s gonna ‘ave to ‘ave it!’ – Clare Lunt; ‘We love you, Mark’ – Jill Asquith (sic); ‘Pure northern gravy all the way’ – Andi Robertson; ‘Proves you don’t have to be young and handsome… lucky, that’ – Fumesy; ‘Paul’s got the age, Mark’s got the beauty’ – Jobbs; ‘Go, Poms!’ – Zeb Elliott; ‘So good… and in so little time!’ – Dan Brown; ‘Old guys rule’ – Guy Ellis; ‘They rock’ – Graham McCubbin; ‘You guys just won’t give up’ – Steve Lincoln; ‘Just awesome’ – James Fawcett.