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BLACKCAT 50 is an entirely new superyacht platform, setting the standard in large cruising catamarans.


The world of superyacht sailing is rapidly changing. Over recent years superyachts have grown dramatically in size and improved performance.

This is mainly due to stronger and lighter construction materials coupled together with evolution in design and innovation. All these developments lead to the most logical conclusion in your next choice of superyacht.

  • Higher cruising speed of 25-30 kts +. The effortless way these giant multihulls sail and cover enormous distances allow greater options to explore the world’s oceans.
  • Less draft than equivalent sized monohull provides far more harbour or anchor location options.
  • Larger main deck and open spaces allows for greater flexibility and the perfect entertainment platform.
  • Less heel angle of around 4 deg compared to 24 deg on a monohull makes for comfortable sailing as you glide along at high speeds.
  • Ease of sailing equates to less crew and cheaper annual costs.
  • Light weight and low drag designs means less fuel costs under motor.
  • Very low roll and pitch at anchor makes for a comfortable night’s rest and an extremely stable dinning and entertainment deck.


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