‘No better shipmate exists’ – Robert More II; ‘The complete sailor, always upbeat and tough as nails’ – Tom Mclaughlin; ‘Gentleman, friend and role model’ – Morgan Bennett; ‘What a fantastic Corinthian sailor’ – Tish Walcott; ‘As great a seaman as they come’ – Lewis Simons; ‘I can’t think of a kinder, more joyful or more deserving candidate’ – Patrick Gavin-Brynes; ‘So many races, so many miles... you deserve this one’ – Ed Rzeszowski; ‘It’s hard to overestimate Larry’s contribution to this sport’ – Ed Cesare.
Sailor of the Month LAURENT LENNE (FRA)
Persistence and more persistence. Lenne first launched the GC32 at the end of 2012, then he worked away at developing the boat while building an international circuit on which to use it. All the hard work paid off, the GC32’s transition to foiling was a stunning success (current top recorded speed is 39.2kt) while in 2016-17 the boat will be the craft of choice in the Extreme Sailing Series as well as the GC32 World Tour
Sailor of the month HAKAN SVENSSON (SWE)
An extraordinary supporter of sailing, both behind the scenes and occasionally front of house. This childhood buddy of gold medallist Freddy Lööf has also backed other campaigns including Ken Read’s Puma and Ian Walker’s original Green Dragon. More recently he took over production of the M32 catamaran and acquired the World Match Racing Tour. And so the M32 match racer was born – outstanding!

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