‘Yes I like him, he is my brother!’ – Juma Alwahaibi; ‘We are so proud of you Fahad’ – Marwa Al Saadi; ‘It’s so good to see the wonderful Oman Sail programme bear fruit’ – Randall Richter; ‘It’s time for an Omani to shine!’ – Olivia Tapit; ‘I’ve seen him sail, very good’ – Mohammed Al Balushi; ‘He comes from a small fishing village, he is dedicated to this sport and he is a fine example of Omani friendship and hard work’ – Jonathan Earsley; ‘I think that Fahad was born only for this job’ – Mohammed Salim Alhedi.
Sailor of the Month SANTIAGO LANGE (ARG)
A feel-good story that takes feel-good up another notch. Prior to Rio Lange had won two bronze medals in the Tornado – at Athens 2004 and at Beijing in 2008. Then in 2013 he was diagnosed with cancer. During six months of treatment, Lange, as he freely admits, became obsessed with making it to Rio. Aged 54, he was the regatta’s oldest competitor when he and crew Cecilia Saroli took Nacra 17 gold after the most dramatic of Medal Races
Sailor of the month MISCHA HEEMSKERK (NED)
This nomination is maybe a little overdue but it is well deserved for two different but very closely related reasons. Last year Mischa took an early DeckSweeper to the A-Class worlds where he was pushed into 2nd by Glenn Ashby – who hastily recut his sail to match the new rig’s clear performance gains. This year Heemskerk went one better winning all 7 races and the world title. So a smart inventor and a half-decent sailor as well

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