‘A National 12 champion in short trousers, two-handed round the world and foiling for the masses in his old age!’ – Peter Morton; ‘DSS is the best thing in years’ – Paul Murphy; ‘We need original thinkers’ – Jim Dominy; ‘The Quant 23 is awesome, I want one’ – Norm Casler; ‘Who says monohulls can’t reach?’ – Tim Banks; ‘A free thinker in an industry locked into incremental development’ – Pete Elkington; ‘Finally… I got into Hugh’s DSS adventure early, but it still takes time to change the world!’ – Michael Aeppli.
Sailor of the Month AUGIE DIAZ (USA)
OK, here’s the thing. As this issue goes to press with three races still to go… Florida’s most famous sailor, Cuban-born Augie Diaz, sailing with his Italian crew Bruno Prada, had not actually won the 2016 Star Worlds but they had led from day 1. Whether or not Diaz closes the deal in a super-hot fleet does not affect our view that a man who has won so much and done so much for sailing deserves to be nominated either way
Sailor of the month ANDREJ JUSTIN (SLO)
An under-rated talent. Justin first came to prominence in the racing world when he teamed up with qualified engineer (and not a bad sailor) Russell Coutts to create the RC44 – as good an example of ‘boat fits purpose’ as you will come across. But Justin’s latest design, the L-30 (pg46) really is something else. Commissioned for Rodion Luka’s Ukraine initiative, the L-30 will find a far wider market as soon as word is out

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