‘Brave, innovative but smart’ – Dmytro Kudryavtsev; ‘two great boats, the RC44 and L30, no further comment needed’ – Hasso Ambroselli; ‘The L30 (above) is a great contribution to sailing’ – Alex Ivanov; ‘The L30 really is a very clever idea’ – Alex Dabrovski; ‘Boats like the L30 are the future’ – Yuri Vlasenko; ‘Andrej is such a talented designer but he deserves wider attention’ – Torsti Pullola; ‘He has also had a strong influence in sailing in the Ukraine’ – Alex Molatai; ‘He is unafraid to follow his instincts’ – Andrey Nazximko.
Sailor of the Month DON MCINTYRE (AUS)
It started as a new race that he wanted to do himself, but very quickly the event that he created – the 2018 Golden Globe, for serious Corinthian singlehanded racers – took off so fast that this former BOC Challenge skipper will now stay ashore as organiser. With two years still to go, there are already 35 serious expressions of interest and 25 confirmed entries for a race that has fired huge energy into the non-professional solo racing scene
Sailor of the month MARK TURNER (GBR)
Another solo event that historically attracted both the very best sailors as well as a sometimes quirky fleet of yachts was the Transat. But, started in 1960, the race had quietly faded from public consciousness as higher-profile events like the Route du Rhum and Vendée Globe stepped in. New Volvo Race CEO Mark Turner – a bit of a traditionalist – was not prepared to see the event die and fought to save it. The 2016 edition was a pleasing vindication of his efforts

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