Another season and (yet) another TP52 Super Series title for Quantum Racing’s owner and also number one helmsman. For 2023 there will be an opening-up of the Quantum TP52 Super Series programme in order to bring onboard and then get up to speed a new generation of youth and women’s sailing talent to keep the American Magic America’s Cup machine fed – as well as to prepare others to go on and join other elite teams in different areas of the sport


Those looking for crew for the Women’s America’s Cup in Barcelona should take a trip down to Sydney and pay a weekend visit to the Manly 16ft Skiff Sailing Club. Lee has been quietly working up through the ranks the last two seasons and now wins more often than not against a tough, predominantly male, fleet. But it’s not just Lee, in mid-December the club recorded their first ever female trifecta when Lee led home the 16-footers of Zoe Dransfield and Jessica Iles in 2nd and 3rd


We could be accused of catching up this month. John Winning has racked up every title there is to win in the 18-foot skiffs since 1975 and his first campaign with Travelodge. As well as being continuously busy on the water – bar a couple of seasons away to develop a ‘pretty successful’ family business – ‘Woody’ has held numerous roles in the class and is today – again – President of the 18-Footers League. Oh yes, Winning also co-founded today’s captivating Historical 18s series…