September 2020


Where to begin? Two wins in the Mini Transat, having won every race in the class over a period of 18 months, wins the TJV in the Class40 at a canter, sets a round Britain record, also at a canter, then heads to Cherbourg where he cleans up in the Dhream Cup. In the Minis, which to the outsider can look a bit chaotic, Lipinski raised the bar with his fastidious level of preparation. It is only a matter of time before he is on a good Imoca. At which point watch out, world
 Why they won
‘Young, fun and happy!’ – Jacob Vjecker; ‘The world needs more Ian Lipinskis!’ – Paolo Manganelli; ‘One of the best solo skippers in the world – I hope he gets the Vendée Globe he deserves’ – Jörg Riechers; ‘A great man and great skipper’ – Laurent Berthet; ‘A humble human who brings very strong ideas to sailing’ – Edgar Byczek; ‘Sailing so fast around the UK is hard!!!’ – Maarten van Rossum; ‘He’s the best one, our Special One!’ – Sebastien Gerard.