September 2019


Compared to many the rescue was not all that dramatic, especially with the almost ridiculous level of ocean racing experience Roy Disney pulled together for the 50th Transpac. But that is also why Pyewacket’s rescue of the crew of the sinking OEX should be recognised – there were other less fancied yachts a similar distance from the stricken boat but it was an instant call to abandon his own race and do the right thing… sadly not everyone is always quite so selfless
 Why they won
‘I was on the OEX, so thank you, Roy and the team!!!’ – Chuck Clay; ‘Anyone who rescues anyone deserves recognition, anyone who rescues a bunch of my friends deserves my lifelong gratitude’ – Merle Asper; ‘Corinthian to the core and selfless at every turn’ – Marcos Weinstein; ‘Bruno’s [Prada] achievement is amazing, but he will win another one when we can celebrate that! But Roy and the boys just did a really good job getting those guys home’ – Mike Sanderson; ‘I’ve raced with and against Roy for 25+ years and I know no one with more class’ – Brent Ruhne; ‘Hands down best owner-grinder out there!’ – Nick Dana.