September 2017


‘He was instrumental in getting the ETNZ team together early in the AC35 campaign and all the way through to the final race of the AC. He made sure the boat was on the water every day without fail. He never let anyone have an easy day’s sailing and was always pushing for the extra 1%. We all hated him, like really hated him, but ultimately he was the backbone of the team and all the rest of us were just mere ribs’ – a friend writes
 Why they won
Fair’s fair, but when was Seahorse ever fair? The man credited with manhandling ETNZ’s boats past every obstacle and getting his crew out rain or shine had his own moment of fame ‘on’ the bow with Team NZ in 2007. ‘No one worked harder’ – Burns Fallow; ‘Mr Reliable’– Pete Melvin; ‘Rock solid’ – Kevin Dibley; ‘An unwavering commitment to friends, employers and teammates alike’ – Tom Schnackenberg; ‘An outstanding professional’ – Kyle Langford, Oracle (classy); ‘Cheeky Dick finally got his smile back’ – Giovanni Belgrano.