September 2007

Graham Dalton (NZL)

Some people can turn a success out of defeat and on his second solo round-the-world race Graham Dalton assuaged the myriad failures of his first Around Alone, persevering on through the harshest circumstances, this time largely not self-inflicted, while honouring the memory of his late son after whom his boat is named. That eventually time ran out for this brave Kiwi was almost irrelevant. A fine achievement
 Why they won
Well, at least one of them won something this month… (sorry, big boy). Graham Dalton finally made the finish of the Velux 5 Oceans, outside the time limit but a hero nonetheless. Following a fleet of Open 60s around the world solo on a 50-footer is hard enough on the soul, but a barely believable litany of misfortune along the way made Dalton’s one of the most traumatic solo voyages of modern times. And all the while this plucky New Zealander stayed relentlessly focused upon his goal of completing the course in memory of his late son Tony, for whom one can truly say ‘Dad did you proud’.