October 2020


A slightly belated happy 80th birthday to this innovative Argentinean yacht designer and successful race skipper. Domato is a legendary figure among his country’s sailors and may also be recalled by some of our more mature subscribers… Four Admiral’s Cups, four Bermuda Races, Commodores’ Cup winner in 1992, Transat winner, 3 Sardinia Cups, 6 Buenos Aires to Rios and class winner in the rough 1979 Fastnet on his Admiral’s Cupper Red Rock IV
 Why they won
Bottom right in this photo taken at the end of the 1979 Fastnet. ‘A humble genius. Just a week ago I helped him reassemble three pistons in a Volvo 330hp without taking out the engine… The other fellows watching in the shop did not believe what they were seeing!’ – Claudio Behrens; ‘His boats were fast as hell’ – Vito Contessi; ‘Excellent sailor and also human being. And an excellent fisherman!’ – Leo Olmos; ‘A revolutionary designer’ – Juan Jose Merayo.