October 2011

Rob Weiland (NED)

If there is anyone who has done a better job of steering a top-end class through troubled times than Weiland did with the TP52 we want to hear about it. Transform your class in a financial maelstrom… you’d have to be mad. Yet today the TP is now once again delivering the best grand prix racing on the planet. Oh, and Weiland was peerless too in his previous role as one of the world’s very best raceboat build managers
 Why they won
‘Rob has kept grand prix racing alive with his amazing ability to unite owners who think they have very different objectives… And he was instrumental in assembling the Dutch team that won the “last” Admiral’s Cup in 1999’ – Simon Keizer; ‘Rob has been a constant support to me throughout my TP52 sailing’ – John Cook; ‘A gentleman who tells it like it is’ – Jim Bell. ‘Me, naah. I am voting for Udo Schütz, of course… I am a mere servant’ – Rob Weiland.