October 2010

Mark Turner & Tim Smyth (NZL)

We knew it had been a tough nine yards but while we were digging for our current series about the creation of the big tri USA it slowly dawned what an incredible technical achievement we had seen. The platform itself was challenging but relatively conventional (in the Seahorse sense!) but getting a wing rig to work pretty much first time out on such a scale was only possible if the build was absolutely inch perfect
 Why they won
‘Two bald losers should be able to experience a small level of success!’ – David Smyth; ‘A technical masterpiece that went way over the heads of most lay people… simply brilliant’ – Graeme Crosby; ‘It’d be good to see the backroom boys get some credit’ – Mark Chisnell; ‘They never stopped, they pushed themselves and everybody else to the absolute limit’ – Thomas Hahn; ‘Without these two there would have been no 33rd Cup’ – Dean Wise [hmm, ed].