October 2003

Bob Oatley (AUS)

A year or so ago Bob Oatley asked lain Murray's Azzura Yachts to build him a flat out harbour racer for Wednesday nights in Sydney. Somewhere along the way the new Wild Oats grew offshore wings, yet when she arrived in Cowes for the 2003 Admiral's Cup her crew were still only beginning to understand their new boat. Oatley's enthusiasm for whatever ideas designers Reichel-Pugh proposed is to be applauded, but his early commitment to the embryo new-look Admiral's Cup was ~ in many ways the making of the event
 Why they won
'Hot yacht, great wine!' was the note accompanying Steve Rock's vote for this month's winner. In fact retired winemaker Bob Oatley attracted some 76 per cent of this month's voting, a tribute to a man who led Australia to their third Admiral's Cup victory and also showed great support for the event itself. Then he went home, dug out his spare yacht and whopped 'em all at Hamilton Island... good on yer mate!