November 2020


The stories are legion, the jokes largely unrepeatable, family, friends and staff at Harken would go to the wall for him. The hounds that he encourages owners to bring to work adore him. As do so many others in the sport who grew up alongside him and Olaf. On the occasion of Peter handing over the reigns of the uniquely friendly and successful business he founded with Olaf 53 years ago there is no one our team has ever wanted to nominate more (PS Sorry, Peter!)
 Why they won
Peter being represented here by Mac, back from custody (again). ‘Finest men to ever touch the sea and lakes – Peter and Olaf – Go Peter Go!’ – Cam Lewis; ‘One of a kind. They broke the mould’ – Jonathan Harley; ‘There is nobody in our sport (or in our parking lot) like Peter Harken. But seeing as he’s just another employee now, I don’t feel the need to suck up to him. My vote’s for Armel!’ – Bill Faude; ‘Simply the nicest person I have ever met’ – Magnus Wheatley.