November 2018


As well as being a prolific offshore racer himself, Lawson has done more than his share of introducing new talent to ocean racing on his boats – including his Class40s and of course his MOD70 trimaran Concise. The most recent example was the loan of his Class40 Concise 8 to a young team in the Round Britain Race, led by skipper Jack Trigger, who went on to finish 2nd in class just six hours behind the immensely experienced Phil Sharp
 Why they won
‘So often you’ve thrown the kids the keys to the Camaro and just let ’em rip. Respect’ – Paul Larsen; ‘Tony has given countless youngsters a start in offshore racing… myself included’ – Sam Goodchild; ‘Tony’s generosity turns young sailors’ dreams into hard, fast and wet reality!’ – Helena Darvelid; ‘Tony is not just the sailor of the month’ – Henry Bomby; ‘He is not only generous but offers youngsters a chance to gain priceless experience’ – Pete Goss; ‘For all that he has done he deserves a big hand… and he gets my tick in the box!’ – James Boyd; ‘One sailor who walks the walk’ – Miranda Merron.