November 2017


The Azzurra TP52 team quietly goes about its work, always practising and working away at the small things that make a boat go faster. Helmsman Guillermo Parada has been there from the start, along with tactician Vasco Vascotto… quite the pairing. This year they won the overall TP52 Super Series title and already have a new boat on order for what promises to be a mega-tough 2018 as the Cup teams go back to practising monohull sailing…
 Why they won
‘Grande Guille’ – Osvaldo Serrano; ‘Voto por Guille Parada!’ – Guillermo Garlini; ‘El Trueno!’ – Gaston Usuario; ‘Cola leche!’ – now that one got us (Google) – Gasto Popovsky; ‘Great crew, great people’ – Omar; ‘Un gran profesional de la vela’ – Gustavo Wilhelmus; ‘ha siddo sie,pre un dominador’ – (careful with that one on Google) – Javier Maldonado; ‘le temenos muy alta’ – (we fear you a lot…) – Jesus Beceiro; ‘never pony’ – (the same) – Matias Pereira; ‘We learned to like each other…’ – Rob Weiland. Always!