November 2011

Cameron Appleton (NZL)

Since he left Artemis during the thinning-out process that followed the Cup’s switch to multihulls, Appleton has been fully engaged on the pro-sailing circuit, both at the helm and also whispering in the ear of his many happy clients… Happy, because during the course of the 2011 summer this popular Kiwi has won nearly every one of his last 10 major regattas. And putting those smiles on faces is good for business!
 Why they won
‘Nine regattas in a row… And thanks!’ – Deneen Demourkas; ‘and from me’ – Donna Cadia; ‘like a fine wine, he gets better with age’ – Ben Graham; ‘no brainer, he’s on fire’ – Tom Burnham; ‘he’s one badass’ – Matt Austin; ‘goin’ up… buy, buy, buy’ – Juggy Clougher; ‘good work, mate’ – Jim Turner; ‘he should be very proud’ – Chris Bake; ‘this guy is solid’ – Jim Bonnizle; ‘tough call as I’m French, but it’s Cam’ – Hervé Cunningham; ‘awesome sailor’ – Phil Harmer.