May 2020


Two-time Finn Gold Cup winner, two-time Star World Champion, 1996 Olympic gold medallist also in the Finn. Even so few saw what was coming down the track at them in Miami at this year’s Bacardi Cup when, sailing in a typically competitive 66-boat fleet with his world champion crew Bruno Prada, the pair achieved a devastating scoreline with three wins and three 2nds, discarding one 2nd place to finish an unprecedented 15pt clear of the next boat
 Why they won
‘Sailing warrior!’ – Marcin Studzi; ‘I vote for him because I am a fan!’ – Robert Czaja; ‘Mateusz and Bruno [Prada] walked on water at the Bacardi’ – Jurgen Schünherr; ‘He sees the breeze better than anyone else I have ever sailed with’ – Simon Fry; ‘Amazing comeback years after stepping away from sailing’ – Maja Wojcikiewicz; ‘The best of the best and he wins us the first Polish gold medal!’ – Kasper Orkisz; ‘The greatest in the world!’ – Pawel Gardasiewicz.