May 2018


Long overdue… and not just because he’s recently given young Trevor Davis (son of) a well-deserved break by signing him up to his Etchells programme… nice touch, though. While racking up a seemingly non-stop stream of major trophies, going all the way back to before his 470 Olympic silver medal at LA in 1984, Benj has been giving to the sport in every area from ocean racing administration to junior programmes to grand prix regattas
 Why they won
If you want to win this thing get on the Yale sailing team, those guys can vote… ‘Of course I’m biased, he’s my young brother’ – Park Benjamin III; ‘A lot of great sailors were given their first break by Benj over the years, as was I’ – Matt Cornwell; ‘One of the nicest guys out there and a huge supporter of young sailors’ – Luiz Kahl; ‘An incredibly effective champion for countless initiatives that have made our sport stronger’ – Robert Hopkins; ‘He’s also always helping us with our inner city programme’ – Robert Burke.