May 2011

Stephen Park (GBR)

Twelve medals (plus two in the Paralympic classes), three gold, five silver and four bronze… the haul by Team GBR at the Miami OCR. This British team manager has had many good days, plenty at the Olympics themselves, but sometimes this can also make it all look too easy. The reality is that the groundwork and planning, from first the funding right through to the execution by the sailors out on the water, is colossal
 Why they won
The manager of Great Britain’s Olympic sailing team ran multiple class champion Nathan Outteridge close at the end – just five votes splitting the two. ‘Sparky is what the sport lacks: managers who manage what they should and keep out of the way the rest of the time’ – Simon Keijzer; ‘Absolute legend’ – Louise Nicholls; ‘Ruthless and very determined’ – Sarah Button; ‘A gift to his team’ – Judith Figgures; ‘The man behind the medals’ – Simon Morgan.