May 2007

Lindsay May (AUS)

We thought long and hard about this last month, but we will now happily succumb to the pressure and nominate Lindsay May for his bravura performance winning the recent Hobart Race on the late Peter Kurts’ beautiful ­Love & War. In fact we had considered nominating Kurtsie himself posthumously, but we actually found that too tough a call. Hopefully all you CYCA boys and girls will now rise to this worthy invitation
 Why they won
‘Wow, that is some supporters’ club, Mr May’ (in blue)… and no, Jenny [May], we did not realise that after 30 Hobarts this was Lindsay’s first as skipper! ‘Handing his [Rolex] prize to Peter Kurts’ son was a gesture typical of a generous and fine yachtsman’ – David Malone; ‘A most deserving winner’ – Gary Appleby; ‘Modest, self-effacing and a great team player in sailing, surf-saving and water polo’ – Bruce Watson; ‘Thanks for the opportunity to recognise a quiet achiever’ – Ros Lamb; ‘I just want to tell you that Lindsay is one special person whose generosity and goodness know no bounds’ – Gerardine Grace.