May 2004

Jean Lucvan Den Heede (FRA)

So, kids, what did your maths teacher do when he retired? VDH made it a ~ personal quest to set one of the toughest of all solo records, non-stop and the 'wrong way', a record untouched for over 10 years. At the time of writing VDH looked set to destroy the old best time of Philippe Monnet by about a month (sic). We don't believe in curses, so we're confident that this popular lover of shorthanded ocean sailing is going to do it... this time. Please don't let us down!
 Why they won
By just 54 to 46 per cent the quiet maths teacher from Brittany carried this month's prize. 'VDH's persistence, endurance and determination are an inspiration to all' - Mads Ehrhardt. 'An excellent role model' - Eva Marie Schiedler. 'Rodney [Pattisson] is a great sailor and his gesture was magnificent, but this time I must vote for Jean-Luc' - Mikkel Thommessen.