March 2019


Ok, a second Dragon world title in a row meant we finally had to give in and allow a little credit to one of the most ubiquitous and best-liked sailors in the world who is also– it breaks our heart to admit it – quite good as well. Stirfry raced a One Tonner with the editor in the year of our Lord 1989 so, in spite of what you may think, he’s not a young man… But he is a top bloke with more big wins under his (ample) belt than he would most probably ever own up to.
 Why they won
‘It’s pretty obvious why, Simon (left, above) and I have achieved a lot together over the past 20 years, originally put together by our great friend and crewmate Glyn Charles’ – Andy Beadsworth; ‘When someone writes the book of British sailing legends he’ll have his own chapter!’ – Matt Cornwell; ‘Great sailor, weapons grade in the bar’ – Magnus Wheatley; ‘About time a decent crew man got the award instead of the fly-by-night back end chancers’ – Alastair Munro; ‘Once a menace always a menace, there is no better man to have on your crew… or standing beside you in the bar’ – Ian Walker; ‘The best!’ – Serhat Altay.