March 2018


Seventy three per cent of pupils at London’s Greig City Academy are categorised as ‘disadvantaged’ so when sixth form head Jon Holt started a sailing programme in 2013 it was a brave move. Last year Montel’s young crew completed the Fastnet Race on the IOR racer Scaramouche. To get there Montel had delivered more than 50 fundraising talks… receiving support and mentoring along the way from his own sailing hero Lawrie Smith
 Why they won
‘I was in the Fastnet team, Montel is a great sailor and also a great skipper’ – Espoir Mazambi; ‘A fantastic young man who worked his guts out’ – Paul Hodge; ‘The whole Grieg Academy deserve this award’ – Colin McDonald; ‘I am so proud also for his teachers and his school’ – Dolores William; ‘Wonderful!’ – Dennis Earle; ‘Everyone this young man comes into contact with is impressed’ – Nick Ferrier; ‘Trailblazer!’ – Jon Holt; ‘A superb example of what can be achieved with dedication and hard work’ – Katina Read.