March 2017


Who can forget the call back to routeur Jean-Luc Nélias, that Coville was hitting 45kt (solo) and really would like to slow Sodebo down. In a spectacular month for French offshore sailing it’s hard to pick a winner but what Coville achieved – and after 10 years of trying – will be talked about for years to come. He sailed singlehanded around the world in barely more than half the time taken by the fully crewed winner of the first Trophy Jules Verne…
 Why they won
‘Sorry, Laura [Weyler], but I can’t vote for you… Frankly it should be forbidden to vote against Thomas this time’ – Pelle Pedersen; ‘Running an educational programme from the ocean when sailing at 40kt… Hurrah, Thomas!’ – Miguel Cravinho; ‘He just never gave up, outstanding’ – Patrik Buschor; ‘And he’s still a really nice guy!’ – Stjepan Marinovic; ‘Sailing solo around the world on an Ultim in less than 50 days is beyond words’ – Martin Leveneur; ‘Amazing what can be done on a diet of frozen pizza…’ – Robin Berwick.