March 2011

Phil Robertson (NZL)

Oh gawd… here comes another one. Latest successful product of the Royal NZ Yacht Squadron match race programme, 23-year-old Robertson defeated Ben Ainslie 3-1 in the semi-finals of the Australia Cup before going on to steamroller his way past Ian Williams in the final 3-0… coolly winning the third race by just one second after taking a penalty turn on the finish line. But Ainslie got his revenge in Malaysia
 Why they won
Defeating the likes of Williams and Ainslie to win the Australia Cup certainly got the ladies’ attention. ‘Talent!’ – Elianna Wes (and others); ‘What a legend’ – Ana Crawford; ‘He’s the man’ – Rachel Schuurman; ‘Phil, all the way’ – Sally Barkow; ‘Fantastic rising star, true Kiwi passion’ – Anna Thomsen; ‘PHIL, WE LOVE YOU!!!!’ – Micaela Hollins; ‘He can rock up with the big boys and beat ’em; he even gets a laugh at the press conference’ – Lizzi Rountree.