March 2004

HM King Juan Carlos Of Spain (SPA)

Let's make it hard this month. In a period of just 12 months sailing's patronage by Juan Carlos immeasurably boosted the revived Admiral's Cup in Cowes and has helped Spain to secure not only the start of the next Volvo Ocean Race but also the 2007 America's Cup. Recently his own results in IMS have not sparkled as once they did, but HRH builds new boats and keeps turning up, dragging a hoard of serious sponsorship along as he does so. Sailing can be grateful for the enthusiasm
 Why they won
90 per cent in favour, the rest beheaded. Actually no pressure came to bear - it just proved a popular plaudit. Juan Carlos's contribution to sailing is indeed widely recognised: 'HRH's role in the success of the 2003 Admiral's Cup and other major events has been crucial' - Nik Lykiardopulo; 'I ask everybody to vote for HM Juan Carlos' - Pedro Campos!