March 2003

Hannah Mills (GBR)

Hannah (14) won seven of 12 races in a 116 boat senior fleet at the 2002 UK Optimist champs, and the title, OK. More to the point, between races, and on a very cold day, she spots (as good sailors tend to) a much younger sailor capsized and in difficulties, sails over, pulls the younger skipper into her own boat then jumps in to right and then bailout the other boat before handing over to a rescue crew. We suggest following Hannah Mills' fortunes very closely
 Why they won
It seems that Hannah Mills' rise cannot be overshadowed even by the mighty Ellen MacArthur! The feedback line ran hot with indignation at this seeming mismatch ... Palle Jorgensen said it for many readers: 'Voting for Ellen MacArthur is way too obvious and it is essentially unfair to Hannah Mills to set her up against Ellen in this "competition". Ellen, however, needs neither the acknowledgement nor encouragement – or the prizes to replace her sponsered Musto gear. ~ My vote goes to Hannah.' No doubt Ellen's day ~ will come...: