June 2020


One the greatest of the many great photographers who we are privileged to work with at Seahorse, what is less well known is the enormous amount that Matias does to support sailing in South America, youth sailing especially, and most of all the Optimist class, of which his native country produces more than its fair share of champions… along with all the Optimist coaches who are flown around the world non-stop by grateful parents. Do visit his online gallery. It’s a nice ‘reminder’
 Why they won
Massive vote!!! ‘It is an honour and I am thankful for having been nominated for my work, but I don’t have any chance with a person who did 3 Volvo races. Father of two Optimist girls, I vote for you, Abby!’ Oops! ‘His fantastic shots, especially of junior events, have inspired and encouraged many young sailors to persist with our sport. He makes even Optimist sailing look super!’ – Evert Meyer; ‘He supports sailing so much… we all love him!!!’ – Janet Coburn.