June 2017


Every Vendée Globe has its unlikely hero – no disrespect, matey. Others have invested heavily in trying to complete the race without fossil fuels but Colman was first to succeed – his mission gaining extra unplanned coverage when he lost his mast with over 700nm to go but plugged on to become this year’s darling of the fans who flocked to Les Sables to greet him. Not quite Yves Parlier, building a mast in the deep south, but a nice confluence of events
 Why they won
‘Conrad is the craziest god!’ – Reka Szilagyi; ‘Outstanding!’ – Paul O’Riain; ‘Respect’ – Ariane Griffoni; ‘He spoke to our school and inspired them all’ – Grant Crawford; ‘Legend, exactly why we love the Vendée Globe’ – Alex Mills; ‘A Vendée without fossil fuel, I’ll be having some of that’ – Randy Vogel; ‘Fighting the ultimate cause for green oceans’ – Andrew Bellamy; ‘Awesome job, tackling every setback with good grace’ – Elsa Pomar; ‘Amazing, zero budget but still sets out to prove a point with zero emissions’ – Craig Smith.