June 2010

Charlie Pitcher (GBR)

Not only do we have two Masters this month but we also have two Brits and no apologies for that (trying to steer you away from the horrors of Auckland). Years after he moved away from the offshore racing scene, in which he not only played a big part but also brought endless humour to those (of us – ed) lucky enough to sail with him, Pitcher re-emerges as an Atlantic oarsman. 400 miles in front, now that’s a win…
 Why they won
‘The boy’s been serving big dollops of “get off your arse and do it” as long as I’ve known him’ – Simon Tribe; ‘Even though he was… my brother-in-law I voted for him!’ – Alistair Munro; ‘An amazing man’ – Kate Dominy (and many other ladies); ‘Best effort from an English chap for ages’ – Perry Wilson; ‘Great guy, nuts but great’ – Richard Bavin; ‘Will of steel’ – Mike Lewis; ‘Always knew that you would win’ – Soren Bradbury; ‘And you deserve it!’ – Auntie Sue.