July 2020


A man who has done a lot to keep thousands of sailors sane during the lockdown months, Guigné released the first edition of Virtual Regatta in 2006 and has since been continuously developing it with a growing 10-man team based in Paris (PS he’s hiring). The numbers are staggering – two million registered players with 500,000 currently active and a total of over 4.5billion miles raced. Club racing, America’s Cup, round the world. Go and race where you want when you want
 Why they won
‘Philippe’s work kept me and thousands of other sailors sane in lockdown, on behalf of us all, THANK YOU!’ – Chris Rands; ‘I can no longer sail due to illness, Virtual Regatta is the only way for me to escape, so… Merçi, Philippe’ – Michel Roue; ‘Thank you, Philippe, for organising the Great Escape… which also allowed me my first victory!!!’ – Serge Martinez; ‘Great job, Mr Philippe, if you ever need a free Italian translation I am here! – Francesco Kalagani!!!