July 2018


For a second time the World Masters drew a fleet of 350 Finns this year. The Masters circuit has been a phenomenal success story for which many people deserve praise, few more so than Gus Miller – this year’s winner in the Super Legends division. Having fought in Korea, shortly after leaving the Marines Miller just missed selection for the US Olympic wrestling team of 1956… then only switching to sailing to try for the Finn spot on the 1960 US Olympic team
 Why they won
‘Gus! Stan’s [Honey] not a Finn sailor yet’ – Jack Caldwell; ‘A giant thank you to a legend’ – Cam Lewis; ‘When Andy Zawieja watched Gus win a Finn Gold Cup race aged 56 he cried, “now we’ll never get him to retire”‘ – Josje Hofland; ‘Hearing Gus is still crawling into a Finn makes me ache’ – Scott MacLeod; ‘Gus is 83 and the Finn is the most physical Olympic boat yet he has never stopped promoting the class, especially in developing countries, without any remuneration for 60 years. “Super Legend” doesn’t touch the sides!!!’ – Peter Harken.