July 2017


If there’s one thing Verdier works harder at than drawing the best ocean racers of the current era it is dodging public recognition. Well, mon ami, we got you this time – as did the readers who voted for you. For those who quietly marvelled at the superiority of Team New Zealand’s foil solutions and the way that one team had committed so confidently to the wind conditions expected for the final Match look no further than the Kiwi’s secret weapon. How many Cup fans even knew the Frenchman wore an All Blacks shirt?
 Why they won
Meteoric is the only way to describe the career trajectory of this brilliant – and still annoyingly youthful – designer! Verdier became involved with the Imoca 60 fleet ahead of the 2012/13 Vendée Globe; working alongside multihull experts VPLP the two teams identified a new Imoca concept and their designs dominated the race. For 2016 every new Imoca 60 was built to their designs. Now there is a new Ultim: Verdier’s biggest ‘solo’ project