July 2010

Larry Ellison (USA)

Through all the ups and downs of his long America’s Cup journey, from high-spending first-timer to resolute battler – and ultimate victor – in Valencia in 2010 Larry Ellison himself has never been anything other than a model of almost boyish enthusiasm for a sport that he embraced relatively late in life. His team’s eventual route to glory was not to everybody’s taste but the Cup’s future has never looked more exciting
 Why they won
Well, he did win, didn’t he? While Larry Ellison eventually realised his dream of securing the America’s Cup he also personally kept at arm’s length from much of the preceding unpleasantness and so remains well placed to fulfil his mission of reshaping the event for a new century. Having watched BMW Oracle get the Cup, he celebrated by going to the latest RC44 event and winning again, this time on the handlebars. A much better feeling, we’d suggest…