July 2007

Liz Wardley (AUS)

Born in the tiny town of Rabaul in Papua New Guinea – since destroyed in a volcanic eruption – it is easy to see why this Australian-raised skipper was taken to heart by the French establishment. After a win in the ’99 Hobart and a tough 2001/2 Volvo Race, Liz has competed on the Figaro circuit since 2004, most ­recently finishing a fantastic fourth in the 3,436nm singlehanded Trophée BPE transatlantic race on Sojasun
 Why they won
Marc Emig, Bertrand de Broc, Jeanne Grégoire, Eric Drouglazet, Gildas Morvan, Yannick Bestaven... just a few shorthanded experts familiar to Seahorse readers who finished behind this month’s prize winner in the BPE Solo Transat. Now with a good sponsor for her Figaro campaign, good things lie ahead for this determined racer.