July 2004

Steve Fossett (USA)

Up until it smashed the Transatlantic record Cheyenne/PlayStation was looking a bit of a white elephant. Now, with more freeboard and the experience to push the boat hard, Fossett's well-managed team have destroyed the Jules Verne as well (regardless of French politics). Fossett's patience and persistence in pursuing records in ocean sailing is all the more impressive as he obviously has so many other toy shops available in which to enjoy his record-breaking obsession!
 Why they won
Fossett is a popular winner with 85 per cent of the vote and numerous accolades from readers who have been inspired by his persistence and achievements. 'A tremendous sailor and a fine gentleman, many could learn from him' - Andy Besheer. 'A great sailing result, and resisting the efforts to privatise RTW Records was good for sailing' - Guy Haworth.