January 2020


The latest of many women’s sailing initiatives, working with Dee Caffari and Theresa Zabell, Pindar is the backer of the review of women’s participation in the sport presented to World Sailing in Bermuda. The ultimate generous enthusiast, he is immersed in most aspects of sailing, supporting and advising events and sailors such as multiple match race champion Ian Williams and the late quadriplegic record-breaking sailor Hilary Lister
 Why they won
‘A lot of people will say how much Andrew changed their life… well, without Andrew I wouldn’t have met my wife!!! He knows how much he means to Emma and me but it’s lovely to be able to say it here’ – Mike Sanderson; ‘Andrew supports so many people without ever needing to be in the limelight himself’ – Emma Westmacott; ‘An incredible supporter of women in sailing’ – Tracy Parkes; ‘This guy has done so much for sailing it’s incredible’ – Jon Roberson; ‘A priceless asset to the sport’ – Ingrid Abery; ‘Short guy, lot of energy!!!’ – Phil Lawrence; ‘An amazing promoter of women’s sailing’ – Fiona Mills; ‘One of the most humble, generous people I have ever known’ – Ingela Berntson.