January 2019


Softly softly the non Francophile presence in the Imoca fleet is growing – timely too as we approach the first use of the class in the ‘not Volvo’ race. Finishing a good 5th in the Rhum as skipper of the well-organised Yacht Club de Monaco entry for the next Vendée, Herrmann, like his fellow German Vendée challenger Jörg Riechers, has impeccable credentials including being a regular member of Francis Joyon’s elite little band of brothers
 Why they won
‘I like Paul just as much but his win was a present from Alex and, hey, who else could a German vote for?’ – Jochen Rieker; ‘Good sailor, inshore and offshore which is not usual’ – Max Wentzel; ‘Boris is not only an excellent yachtsman but he also managed to get the finance… which is now perhaps more challenging than the sailing’ – Uwe Hollenbach; ‘Best German sailor ever!’ – Andreas Elwe; ‘Boris is just a fantastic sailor and also a great guy!’ – Bendix Hempel; ‘The clear winner, Boris and Team Malizia all the way, he is incredibly well-organised and works very hard to keep all his fans in touch… He’s a top chap!’ – Sophie Hunt.